Why I Want to Hug Russell Brand


{I’m so honored to be at ForEveryMom.com this week with this post. Enjoy the teaser and then head on over here to continue reading.}

I never thought I’d actually want to hug Russell Brand. He’s one of those people who gave me pause. All I could see was his eclectic energy and behaviors. I had no idea about the real man.

Now, I want to invite him to dinner. I think we may have more in common than I first thought.

In case you missed it, Russell told the world his thoughts on pornography. He’s still dressed rather eclectically (does a sheet like-thing count as dressed?). He speaks quickly with energetic hand gestures, his eyes brimming with excitement. The whole time I listened, my ears strained to catch every word because here was a Hollywood man saying porn was dangerous, not only to the women and men enslaved by the industry but to the very people who watch it.

He admits that porn has affected his ability to relate not only to women, but also to himself. It’s had negative repercussions on both his sexuality and his spirituality. He says if he could go back, he’d never look at porn that very first time.

My husband would say the same thing. {come over here to keep reading}