What People are Saying about Pure Eyes, Clean Heart

“What is so different and special about this book is the transparency of their sharing. It is beautiful and humbling. It makes hiding–no matter what we are hiding–just not worth it.”  – Jennifer Camp, Gather Ministries

I could not put {your book} down this afternoon. It is so amazingly well written.. powerful. It spoke to me and I am not married, nor had to encounter porn addiction. Being well connected to the counseling world in my town after going to school for my masters in counseling, I cannot wait to recommend this to my counseling friends as a great resource for clients.  – Jennifer Hand, author of 31 Days to Coming Alive

You will not hear “I will never watch again” or “I’m now clean for X years”.  Emphasis is laid on the power of forgiveness, divine grace and love. Sin is sin, no excuses here. The Fergusons don’t call for a battle against the producers. They keep it personal. The authors provide prayers, discussion questions for couples, and other helpful books and websites in the appendix. – Henk-Jan van der Klis (excerpt from a review on GoodReads.com)

“One of the advantages of Pure Eyes, Clean Heart is that it is written in a way that helps wives understand their husbands’ struggles and husbands understand their wives’ struggles.”  – Laura Langley (excerpt from a review on GoodReads.com)

“This book could almost be marketed as a one-volume marriage library. It is about a husband’s addiction to pornography, but you could replace “porn” with almost any addictive behavior, and reap valuable insight and advice from every chapter.” – Jan Johnson  (excerpt from a review on GoodReads.com)

“I am astounded by the bravery of the Fergusons in sharing their story. This book is beautifully and prayerfully written and thoughtfully put together. It is not bossy but gently suggestive, and mostly by means of story/testimony. I think it will bless your marriage even if porn has never been an issue, because it delves into the ways men and women think and behave differently and interact. MUST READ.” – Brandee Shafer

“For many, this is a taboo topic. But the Fergusons creatively and boldly share the realities they faced. Although it’s not comfortable to talk about, it’s time to bring this dark issue into the light and expose the lies of pornography.” – Carol Holquist, VP of Global Publishing, Discovery House Publishers


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A Couple's Journey to Freedom from Pornography