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Sharing the Pain of Porn: Podcast


Please come join me on Delight Your Marriage with Belah Rose. We’re talking about:

  • That you are not alone in dealing with porn addiction in your marriage.
  • The real reason men escape into pornography…(spoiler alert: it’s not your extra 20lbs!)
    • The world will lie to us and say we’re not x enough, that’s why our husband’s are addicted, but that’s only because they want to sell you something.
  • How to overcome shame.
  • What can you do to share your pain?

Join me over here!

New Podcast Out on Delight Your Marriage!

Belah Rose, host of Delight Your Marriage podcast invited me (Jen) to be on her show. The interview is in two parts:

DYM (3)

Part 1: In this episode, I talk about how porn created friction between me and Craig and made me doubt myself. I also discuss how I tried very hard to manipulate and control everything, but learned to let go later on. And because I had loosened up, I was able to help Craig with his porn addiction because I understood more, because I took a step back and saw the entire picture. Together, we fought against porn addiction and for our marriage. Listen to this podcast here.


Part 2: In this episode, I talk about what our marriage looks like today, after all the struggles, after all the pain and suffering. I talk about moving on to create a happier life, knowing that there is something good at the end. I share that marriage requires teamwork, and that it should always be the two of you. Also, don’t miss my intimacy tips!  Listen to this podcast here.