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Marriage Matters: A Tool to Help Spark Your Prayer Life {and Marriage!}


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For a long time, I thought prayer was a last resort. Fortunately, God corrected my erroneous way of thinking and showed me how prayer is actually my most powerful weapon.

I truly believe that prayer had an impact on how Craig found freedom from pornography AND how I found freedom from control. Not only has prayer transformed our personal relationships with Jesus, but we have found that praying for each other helps us to grow together in ways we never imagined possible.

I admit, there are days that go by where I forget to pray for Craig. There are days when he forgets to pray for me. Life gets in the way, right? It’s easy to get busy, to get sidetracked, even lazy. But Satan waits for us to let our guard down and then we realize how important it is NOT to let life get in the way of praying for our spouse.

To help us remember and to keep us on track for praying for the variety of things our spouse needs, we developed the Marriage Matters cards. Each week showcases a theme that is an important marriage matter. It gives you scriptures to read so you understand why God calls us to pray for these things, some prayer points to help guide you in your prayer life, and then an action. Because as James says, “Faith without works is dead.” 

These actions are designed to help you and your spouse talk about some of the marriage matters that you might not know how to talk about. They also help you step out of your comfort zone and try some new adventures together. All of these things – prayer, reading scripture, and putting our faith in action – build intimacy, which is what God desires for our relationship with Him and with each other.

Each Marriage Matters card deck comes with 52 themed cards, an “about Marriage Matters cards (complete with instructions), and a biography card so you get to know Craig and me a little bit better. They come in a hardshell plastic case, which works well for storage and display.


Each deck is $10 + shipping. You can order your deck today by clicking here.

7 Ways to Support your Spouse through Porn Addiction

Support Spouse

{I’m over at On Faith Street today talking about some practical ways we can help our spouse through porn addiction. Here’s a teaser:

Imagine with me for a moment that you come home one night to find your husband engaging sexually with another woman. Shock and rage consume you, yet there is no one but him to hear your cries. He’s the only one in the room. This other woman? She’s on the computer screen, completely oblivious to your presence.

Pure Eyes, Clean HeartThis is the man you pledged your love, commitment, and fidelity to all those months and years ago, and now you feel like you’re competing with pornography for his love, attention, and affection. Where do you possibly go from here?

While part of you wants to help him rid his life of this nasty sin, another part of you is reeling with hurt, anger, and betrayal. I know because I’ve been there. I made many mistakes when I first discovered my husband was in the throes of a pornography addiction, but God extended us both the grace and wisdom that eventually helped us heal.

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