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I’m a mama and wife and I’m passionate about helping women to build and function within a healthy community that provides love, support, and encouragement.

As a woman, it’s easy to go through life simply trying to meet the standards the world sets. It’s easy to hide behind walls and only let certain people see certain things. But that takes a lot of energy – energy we could use to devote to our relationship with God, with our spouses, with our kids.

So what if we were just real? What if we laid out our brokenness and let people come alongside us to help us? What if our stories encouraged each other? What if were less consumed with how the world loves us and more concerned with loving each other?

You can find me and the community that God built where women can “come as they are” over here at the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. We’d love to have you.

Just a few more tidbits about me? I’m a long distance runner. I love to read, garden, and just be outside (except overnight – my idea of camping is close proximity to a grill and a bed behind a door that locks.) I’m usually carting around kids to swimming and dance and I love to watch my kids grow up.  Oh, and getaways with my  husband. Without the kids. I love that, too.

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  1. Please, please do not use my email or name. I just wanted to say that I fully agree with your comment that your should “Trust God” and “Respect your husband.”

    There is another insidious side to this battle and that pertains to wives. Specifically, my wife really loves to watch certain cable and mainstream TV shows (which is why I plead that you not use any of my identifying info), but my point is that certain shows (especially on cable – Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and the like), years ago would have easily fallen into the “soft porn” category. Women really seem to enjoy watching and discussing these shows. They are actually watching “soft porn” and do not seem to realize it. I know – I’ve been down that road.

    This is not to say that women are just as bad as men in this area – I just wanted to bring this perspective to your attention.

    In the meantime, I will trust God (as I have for my eternal salvation) and respect my wife.

  2. Dear Jen,
    I’d like to have you on my podcast. I couldn’t find another way to leave a message. Please let me know if I can send you further details. Luke Gilkerson recommended I reach out.

  3. Jen- I just want to say THANK YOU. from the bottom of my heart, my husband and I are reading your book right now and boy had it helped us immensely. I feel like it was written just for us. We can relate with almost every aspect and chapter. Whenever we finish reading we discuss our feelings and are always in shock on how accurate and relatable everything is. It truly gives me hope, we haven’t finished it yet but this is just one of the first steps we’ve taken to a lifelong road of trust and a porn free marriage. Thank you for being so open and letting us take a glimpse into your life. You are a strong woman, I will be praying for you and craig!

    1. I love that the book has restored hope for you! I also love that you feel less alone in this battle – 2 of the very top reasons we wrote this book (other than God asking us to). I PRAY that your conversations continue and that this new found intimacy begins to grow your relationship in amazing ways. And thank you for your prayers! Know that we are praying for y’all!

  4. Hello Jen,

    I recently came across and saw that Pure Eyes, Clean Heart also tries to help people of all ages break free of their porn addiction. I have recently created a free adult content blocker/filter software that can help people battling porn addiction as well as for parents trying to protect their children. I would be honored if you could link the software somewhere on your site (as a resource).

    This free resource tool can be found here:

    Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for all that you do.

    – Brock

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