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I was born and raised in suburban swamps of Monroe, Louisiana where I spent my formative years hunting small game and fishing the duck filled bayous of my youth.  I still hold a deep love of my homeland that intensifies every August as the Fighting Tigers of LSU take to the field of glory in pursuit of their next National Championship.
My hobbies include, homebrewing beer with my best friend of 36 years, voraciously consuming ebooks on my iPad, and practicing the art of Zen through video games.  When I’m not working, I’m pursuing my dream job of being a professional husband to my wife, Jen while working on my Ph.D. in Fatherhood with my research assistants, our two daughters and our two dogs.  
My prayer is that this book brings you hope.  You’re not alone.  There are many individuals and couples struggling with all manner of addictions.  In the book, Jen and I share many of our own experiences and how God lead us through them.  Like a seasoned wilderness guide, the book is designed to help you and your spouse walk your own journey, providing advice and encouragement along the way. 

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