Family Life Today Interviews: A big dose of hope for your marriage!


Craig and I had the privilege to travel to Little Rock, Arkansas to be on Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine’s radio show for Family Life Today. Here are the links to the three programs we recorded if you’d like to listen. It’s a snapshot of our authentic struggle and filled with lots of hope!

Exposing the Darkness: It takes courage to break an addiction. Craig and Jen Ferguson, authors of the book, “Pure Eyes, Clean Heart,” talk to Dennis Rainey about their dating years. Jen recalls asking Craig if he viewed porn, and Craig admitted that he did, but what guy didn’t? Jen tucked his answer away in her heart. Little did she know that his response would later come back to haunt her.

Rebuilding Trust: All of us bring some baggage into our marriage. It’s when we unpack it later that it causes harm to our unsuspecting spouse. Authors Craig and Jen Ferguson talk about their early years of marriage. Jen shares what it was that first began to alert her to a problem with her husband, like his absence in the middle of the night, or random pay per view charges on their cable bill. It was the lack of intimacy, however, that alarmed her the most. Find out what Jen uncovered about Craig that left her stunned and heartbroken.

Breaking Old Cycles: Pornography is devastating to a marriage. Craig and Jen Ferguson talk openly about Craig’s battle with pornography. Find out what Craig did to break this stronghold in his life. Also hear Jen coach other wives who may be facing a similar situation in their marriage.

Also, our publishers, Discovery House, allowed Family Life to publish an excerpt of our book. To read Craig’s chapter about the 4 common delusions about pornography, just click here.