Are Y’all for Real?


Yes. Yes, we are.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if a couple is genuine just by the words written on pages of a book.

That’s why we have videos.

Click through this series of interview questions put together by our publishing house, Discovery House Publishers, and get to know us better.

Question: Give a few words of hope and encouragement to a couple starting on this journey.

Question: How pervasive is pornography in marriages? In Christian and non-Christian?

Question: What are the first few steps to take if a couple finds themselves dealing with this situation?

Question: With other addictions, recovery is a daily choice. How is pornography addiction similar or different?

Question: What are the signs to look for if you believe your spouse may be involved with this type of addiction?

Question: Give a few practical examples of how this book can help in dealing with pornography addiction.

Question: How important is forgiveness in the healing process?

Question: What are some key things to remember as a couple going through the recovery process of porn addiction?

Question: Explain how one image can be so dangerous to a young man’s mind.

Question: How do we advise and protect our young people from becoming involved with pornography?




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A Couple's Journey to Freedom from Pornography