Four Secrets the Porn Industry Hopes You Never Find Out


Porn’s power is largely based on the element of fantasy. Whatever you lust for, you can pretty much find it. All those things you’d thought you’d try or acts you think might satisfy you are available at a click. And because these things play out on the screen in front of you, it seems like you’re getting everything you’ve wanted for nothing–no consequence, no repercussion, no risk.

You’re wrong.

I get that you have reasons for turning to porn. My husband did too. And right now, you may think no one suffers a single consequence for what you’re doing. Maybe you’re not married. Maybe you are, but your wife doesn’t seem to care or you’ve successfully kept it hidden. Maybe porn seems to be a safe release for you because of how you’ve been treated and burned in the past.

But maybe this isn’t just about you.

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