When All You Want for Christmas is for Your Spouse to Quit Porn


Craig spent many of our Christmases enslaved to pornography, so I know well the desire to just decorate and make things as perfect as possible so to try to escape the prison walls pornography held our marriage within.

But what if there’s another way? What if instead of decorating our prison, trying to hide what it really is, we embraced exactly where we are, bringing our reality to Jesus?

What could Jesus do with our Christmas wish?

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How to Confess Your Porn Addiction to Your Spouse

I’m over at Covenant Eyes this week (no Periscope today – sick kiddo at home). Here’s a teaser and a link to the rest of the story…


Every time I found out about Craig using porn, I either found it on the computer or I caught him in the act. All the while, whenever I asked him about his temptations or actions, he denied engaging it.

Except for one time.

Though his confession was painful to hear, it paled in comparison with the rage and sense of betrayal I felt when I caught him trying to hide it from me.

Lies are never better than the truth.

Why confess?

We often tell our children it is always better if they confess to us first before we find out about something they did wrong. And this goes for adults too.

Anytime we harbor secret sin, it has the power to eat away at us and damage our relationships. Sin without confession always seems to beget more sin. We must keep up the lie lest we risk exposing the truth.

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